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Welcome to the Website for Chrysalis Relaxation Centre, Cairns, Queensland

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What is Chrysalis Relaxation Centre?

A chrysalis is the cocoon that a caterpillar spins around itself to provide a safe haven while it is in the process of becoming a butterfly.  This is what Chrysalis Relaxation Centre is – a safe haven for those undergoing the transformation from merely being human, to really being, angels on earth.                                

Hence the Chrysalis Relaxation Centre motto –
 “Helping you find your wings”
Of course every great endeavour begins with little steps. Whilst most of us are still caterpillars, Chrysalis provides a variety of ways for you to begin - or continue - your journey!  For a list of current classes, facilitators and services, please see “What’s on.”

Current Workshops

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You can purchase this poster from www.northernsun.com

Note* In conjunction with her workshops at Chrysalis,  Marie Klement is also doing one on one readings & portraits at the Cairns Spiritual Centre on Thur 20, Fri 21 & Sun 22nd - contact the Spiritual Centre or Marie for details.

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“Chrysalis  …………  helping you find your wings”


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